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ASI Aero is an aftermarket parts distributor to the commercial and regional aircraft and engine industry. We acquire whole commercial aircraft, aircraft engines and parts packages to support our distribution business. Our Consignment Management program is a key source of our acquisition strategy. ASI offers and currently manages a variety of consignments, that include marketing and selling parts from whole aircraft and engine teardowns as well as the remarketing of surplus parts packages.

What ASI can offer Consignment Partners:

Diverse product and market knowledge

including Boeing, Airbus, Embraer and Bombardier airframe experience as well as GE, Pratt & Whitney, IAE and Rolls Royce engine experience..

An in depth analysis of your inventory and proposal

ASI maintains an extensive data-base of information that is fed into your proposal that includes: current market pricing, average repair and freight costs, expected scrap and yield rates and expected timeline for the sale of each part.

Access to our end-customer channel to the market

By having our sales and marketing teams primarily focused on end-customer relationships and sales, we provide a maximized net return on the consigned assets.

In house repair management capabilities

ASI has a dedicated team of component repair management personnel who closely manage the repair of the consignor’s inventories.

Risk Minimization

The consignor retains ownership and title rights to the material until it is sold by ASI. Our consignment agreements are structured with ASI assuming the credit risk.

Detailed monthly reporting

Each month the consignor is provided with a detailed sales report, including part number, customer, sale price, repair and freight cost, ASI consignment fee and net proceeds to consignor.

ASI’s quality commitment

Maintaining a Quality Management System with a focus on delivering excellent customer service and driving continuous improvement.:

Experience and financial strength

ASI’s management team and board of owners have years of experience in all facets of the aviation business, with the financial backing you look for in an asset management partner.

For more information or a consignment analysis for your assets please contact one of our representatives:

Dean Morgan – President: 561-771-4253,
Liz Meehan – VP, Airframe Programs: 561-739-2748,
Dave Silvers – Senior Advisor, Aircraft & Engine Acquisitions: 561-708-6678,


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