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ASI Aero is in the business of marketing and selling used serviceable material to the airline and MRO aftermarket. We acquire whole commercial aircraft, aircraft engines and parts packages to support our offering. One key source for material is through our ‘Consignment Management’ program. ASI offers and currently manages a variety of consignments, that include whole aircraft tear-down, whole engine tear-down, parts package, and engine sub-leasing programs. Via these programs we offer our consignors:

An in depth analysis of your inventory and proposal

ASI maintains an extensive data-base of information that is fed into your proposal that includes: current market pricing, average repair and freight costs, expected scrap & yield rates and expected timeline for the sale of each part.

  • We accomplish a three tier projection for every part. Tier 1 parts are expected to be repaired and sold in 0-8 months, Tier 2 in 0-12 months and Tier 3 in 0-24 months.

Access to our end-customer channel to the market

By having our sales and marketing teams primarily focused on end-customer relationships and sales, we provide the consignor with a maximized net return on your inventory sales.

In house repair management capabilities

ASI has a dedicated team of component repair management personnel who closely manage the repair of the consignors inventories. Key benefits to the consignor include:

  • Complete process management with vendor selection, repair order management, expediting turn-around times, negotiating quotes, full audit of final invoices to insure all costs are kept in check with market values.
  • Consignor is leveraging ASI’s repair volume. ASI has volume discounted repair rates with a number of vendors to include: Lufthansa Technik, General Electric, Air France, AJW Technique, MTU, StandardAero, Triumph and others.

Risk Minimization

Our consignment agreements are structured to pass the risk associated with un-collected receivables and repair investment (that is not sold) to ASI. And the consignor holds ownership & title rights to the material until it is sold by ASI.

Detailed monthly reporting

Each month the consignor is provided with a detailed report outlining by part number: Sales by customer, repair & freight costs, ASI consignment fee, net proceeds to consignor. Along with an overview of the projects performance to date versus the initial projections.

ASI will offer a pre-payment

For Example: ASI will make an initial cash payment to the consignor for $1 Million. ASI will then begin the program and retain all Consignor net proceeds until ASI has recovered the $1 Million initial investment. Once the initial investment is recovered the Consignor begins receiving monthly net proceeds payments.

ASI’s quality commitment

Maintaining a Quality Management System with a focus on:

  • Delivering excellent customer service
  • Driving continuous improvement and striving for zero defects
  • Implementing processes that conform to our customer’s quality requirements
  • Developing staff competencies, creativity, and accountability through training programs and management involvement

For more information or a ‘consignment analysis’ for your assets
please contact your ASI sales representative or the contacts below:

Dean Morgan – President: 561-771-4253,
Liz Meehan – VP, Airframe Programs: 561-739-2748,
Mark Tipton – VP, Engine Programs: 561-708-6678,


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